Executive Coach

Leadership Executive coaching is role and position specific coaching/ mentoring designed to assist senior and mid-level executives with positive leadership development and to enhance their reputation and ability to succeed at the highest level.

We all know public speaking can be nerve-wracking, yet, it is the most important single trait to move up the ladder of hierarchy in every organisation. And therefore, executives have to consult a worthy executive coach online or off line to develop the right attitude and traits.

My totally bespoke 1-2-1 support helps to build confidence, strengthen talk content and build your capacity to influence and inspire.

The Problem

In amongst the busy day job, you’re invited (or told) to deliver a speech. It’s nerve-wracking, it’s critical and you don’t really know how to make a success of it. It’s not surprising that public speaking creates huge amounts of anxiety. How should a presentation be structured? How do you make sure you look confident, rather than foolish? And what can you say that they haven’t heard before? The truth is, most of us don’t know. So, we procrastinate. We pretend it isn’t happening. As the talk approaches, we throw bullet points at a PowerPoint (usually far too many). We panic about not having enough to say (so we prepare too much). We lose sleep. Finally, the big day comes. And then, we turn to the screen… and read. By now, our pulse is racing, we’re talking too fast and skipping crucial bits of content. We’re awkward, embarrassed and racing for the end. When we get through it we’re not sure how the presentation was received. But we don’t dare to think about what the audience just experienced and the feedback lets us down in our own eyes. My Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Masterclass of executive coach training will be the solution for all these problem areas.